Doug FirbyReaders will remember 2021 as the year the COVID-19 pandemic just wouldn’t quit, but their reading choices show they were looking for variety in their news.

Our Top Reads for the year show interest in scientific and health breakthroughs, Indigenous rights and, perhaps surprisingly, the sexual orientation of an historic king.

Here are the stories with the greatest readership in 2021.

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Satellite breakthroughs will change internet delivery

Although there are still some unanswered questions, these are exciting times in the satellite industry. The emerging LEO systems will be disruptive, shaking up both the traditional satellite industry and challenging terrestrial fibre-optic communications. It could put an end to the digital divide.

Diabetes cellA Canadian path to a regenerative cure to Type 1 diabetes

For people living with diabetes, the hope for a functional cure remains 100 years after Dr. Frederick Banting’s breakthrough discovery of insulin. In answer to those hopes, a Canadian company has developed a revolutionary way to improve the lives of those with diabetes.

When leaders talk with their hands

Have you ever noticed that when people are passionate about what they’re saying, their gestures automatically become more animated? But if your gestures are not in full agreement with your spoken words, the audience perceives duplicity. You are untrustworthy.

Was Richard the Lionheart gay?

England’s most famous medieval monarch, Richard the Lionheart, died 820 years ago this April. Wounded while besieging a castle in western France, he succumbed to gangrene. Strangely, though, despite his being the most famous European warrior of his time, one of the major modern talking points about him pertains to his sexuality. Specifically, was he gay?

children vaccine vaccinations covid flu shot pandemic

Five facts all parents should know about the mRNA vaccines

Governments are rushing forward with plans to inoculate the largest remaining group of unvaccinated – children as young as five years old. But parents should treat this development with alarm, and they must do all they can to protect their children from vaccines with questionable safety and effectiveness.

french revolution franceThe revolution always eats its own children

It’s easy to start a revolution but it’s very difficult to stop one. History shows plenty of radicals who pushed too hard. Just look around today.

Pierre would not be pleased with Justin’s folly

You learn a lot about people’s ethics when money is involved. Even really rich people can take the wrong route for money. Judging by the amount of money at stake, and cabinet and family involvement, the WE scandal may be the largest in Canadian history.

honoured, residential religion, human rights, christianityLet’s leave residential school tragedies in the past

The discovery of human remains at a former residential school site has set off a firestorm that has already resulted in demands for another national inquiry and massively expensive forensic and excavation projects. But maybe we should pause and ask some questions.

human aninal hybrids

Science gone bad: the pursuit of human-animal hybrids

The Book of Genesis says God made the animals each “according to their kinds,” then humanity in the divine image. But some scientists would rather play god and mix the animal and human species. This endeavour is fraught with ethical problems, some of which have already been demonstrated.

pipelineIndigenous leaders step up but no applause from environmentalists

First Nations are fighting government dependence, determined to set their own futures. So why is Big Environment standing in the way?

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